Dear Sam (and Ham),
I got your lovely card and letter and was so touched. I’m glad you got the letter and photos I sent. I was sad that I did not have a photo of you, Sam, but I think I’ve found one. Will see if it is indeed you and will try to send it along.
I am glad you are busy with lots of tours and new people to introduce to Uganda. I loved our trip with you. I’ve just returned from a trip to India — fascinating place. I rarely do 2 big trips in one year, let alone in 2 months, but Africa and India were not to be missed.
I am in touch with the other volunteers and will pass on your greetings and regards.
Again, thank you for taking such good care of all of us, and especially seeing that I got on the bus in Kampala to Kisumu safely and on time. I had a great trip, met some interesting people on the bus, and my friend met me in Kisumu.
I was in Rajasthan in western India for most of the trip, then we went up into Kashmir. There was a heavy Indian army presence as Kashmir is sort of disputed territory that Pakistan would like to annex. In the 1990’s Pakistan invaded Kashmir and tried to take it. India did not permit this and has guarded it ever since. We all felt quite safe with so many soldiers around.
Do keep in touch — I enjoy hearing from you. Isn’t email wonderful??
Again, my best regards to you and Ham,