Dear Samuel

Thank you for your email. We arrived safely at home after a planned stop-over in Dubai for one night. Unfortunately we forgot that it is also summer there. It was 46 degrees at noon!

Peter now is sorting out his thousand of photos… It will take some time until he’s finished.

We really appreciated your good service during our trip. As Swiss people we especially appreciated your punctuality and reliability. And we also felt comfortable with you driving not too fast and not risky which made us feel save. Looking back we think that the car really was too old for this trip. But as you said you won’t use it again for tourist trips.

Just one point for improvement from our side (you asked us to give you feedback): to us the whole thing with the fuel was not tranparent which made us feel a bit unconfortable. We would suggest you to always let the tourists pay for the fuel at the petrol stations so the situation to them is clear and transparent. Start with a full tank and agree with the tourists to have it filled up full again at the end of the trip. And during the trip let them pay.

We hope you are fine too.

Best regards

Yvonne and Peter